Friday, May 18, 2007

Danielle has been bad....

It all started with the $25 Nars blush in Lovejoy

Then moved on to a new haircut

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Gang's All Here!

Here's me Sunday on the way to a college friend's baby shower.

Ms. E.

Photo from shower:

Shower was for my friend Angie. She's a elementary school guidance counselor. Woman in the back is Joelle, also went to college with me. Woman in front is Keya. She was Angie's roommate in school. They both were roommates with me and my girl Marian for about a semester.

Wearing the shower hat I created. I swear I'm crafty.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sweet Sarah Playlist

Somewhere in the late fall of 1998, I discovered Sarah McLachlan and "Surfacing". That haunting voice, the music. I think I played track 5, "Do What You Have To Do", so much I wore it out.

The yearning to be near you, I do what I have to do
The yearning to be near you, I do what I have to do
But I have the sense to recognize that I don’t know how to let you go
I don’t know how to let you go

Those lyrics were filled with such longing. The whole album was great. I used to mix it with my other chick rock favs, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, and that nerdy love song by Lisa Loeb, "Stay".

1. Building A Mystery - Sarah McLachlan
2. I Do - Lisa Loeb
3. Strong Enough - Sheryl Crow
4. Foolish Games - Jewel
5. All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow
6. If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow
7. Do What You Have To Do - Sarah McLachlan
8. The First Cut is the Deepest - Sheryl Crow
9. I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan
10. Stay - Lisa Loeb
11. Hands - Jewel
12. My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow
13. Angel - Sarah McLachlan
14. Adia - Sarah McLachlan
15. Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan