Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This picture pretty much sums up my birthday weekend...

LOL..this past Sunday was my 36th birthday. The beau and I went out to Delta's, a jazz restaurant, for dinner on Saturday and we spent Sunday as a family day with my daughter...IHOP, Barnes and Noble, and Target. All and all, a pretty good birthday. Look at the smile on that kid...they were watching cartoons.
For some reason, William and I never get pictures together. He always tells me to bring the camera and I do but it never leaves my bag. I think he just wants proof that he's my boyfriend. Can't have me running around like the social butterfly I was before we met. LOL.

Feeling alittle mellow...

Lizz Wright's voice is so mellow. The man was playing an instrumental version of this song when we went out for my birthday this weekend. I was reminded how much I love this album...how it makes me feel. I think I should dig it out for a spin.


My boyfriend was actually playing "Afro Blue" in the car not "Blue Rose" but Lizz Wright also does a beautiful version of that on the same album.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ooh the new Curvy Girl Bookmark is sent for printing

I'm doing Curves and Cocktails next month so I wanted to make a special bookmark for the goodie bags. The original girls were made by hand but I made this one in Photoshop. This is a first run.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Button button, who's got the button - Vintage Inspiration

Everytime I see vintage buttons, I'm reminded of my mother's old tin of sewing notions. There was always some fancy button with a mysterious past. Did it belong to a party dress or coat? Was it something my father found and added to the mix? My dad loves to find things. He once found a big key with the numbers 329 on them and gave it to me. Why? That's my birthday, March 29. :)

When I look at Julie's etsy shop Vintage Inspiration, I get that same feeling of nostalgia. Her buttons are like jewels in a jewelry box. Some of her buttons even make it on to jewelry, like the ring below.

And these earrings...mom had earrings like this I used to play in as a little girl. I remember feeling so grown up with my dangles on. They've even compared them to jewelry worn by Goldie Hawn. Oooh me love Goldie Hawn!!! I still watch Foul Play when it comes on. Dudley Moore dancing around in his swingers' room is worth the price of admission. Granted I didn't know what that scene meant when I saw the movie as a kid but I did think he looked silly. LOL!

For more, pop by and visit Vintage Inspiration.

Clean Green Giveaway with Vintage Indie!!!

Vintage Indie is having a GreenCupboards giveaway.  What a great way to get started on spring cleaning!
GreenCupboards thoroughly interviews manufactures of hundreds of products, followed by chemist advice on the products potential environmental and personal harm. GreenCupboards has done the research and combined the products into groups in which they call Cupboards. Up for grabs the Kitchen Cupboard collection.


Products in the Kitchen Cupboard include:

There's still time left to win...but enter by Friday, March 27th!!!!

Build interest in your business with Crissy of Indie Biz Chicks!!!

Crissy at Indie Biz Chicks is giving away a spot in her Power Publicity 6 Week Makeover Program

During the six week session, you will:

  • Define your target market - and learn how to reach them!
  • Give your website an evaluation and make sure it is as profitable as it can be
  • Learn how to write an awesome press release
  • Build a media list, press kit, and press room
  • Learn about social networking, article marketing, JV partnerships, and MORE!
  • Build a marketing plan to help you rock it out in 2009!

Be sure to visit her site to find out more!

I'm a winner...again!!!

Good times...good times...I won this fabulous hat and scarf set from Yarn Coture on I Heart Handmade Spring. Beautiful crochet work and fun colors. I wish I could do a better picture of the hat but since I have an abnormally large head it doesn't quite fit. LOL. Hey I know my limitations!! (Maryum, the hat will be gifted to someone special. It's too beautiful to go to waste.) But check out these beauties.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Ornaments are Done!

I finished up my ornaments for Lemoncholy's Easter Swap yesterday. I think they came out pretty nice. I recycled some cardboard boxes for a foundation. Then wrapped them in pretty paper. Next I stamped a gold heart on the background of each. The picture of my aunt I altered was cut out and adhered next and put clear glitter paint on with my fingers.. Then I made a print out of the word "blessed" and stained the paper with coffee. I tore the strips and crumpled then for a weathered look. After I attached them to the background, I glued on a single rhinestone. To hang the ornament, I added cotton twine with a few beads to the top.

They are off to Kecia's house. Hope everyone enjoys my Easter Angels. Here's a few below:

Pay It Forward Signup

I also decided to sign up for Kecia's Pay It Forward.

Here's how it works:

Three people signed up for Kecia's Pay IT Forward including me and we shall receive at some point during the year a handmade gift by Kecia.

In turn, I must make 3 handmade gifts and pay it forward for three people who sign up with me.

To receive a gift, you must be willing to pay it forward by making gifts for three other people who promise to do the same thing.

Basically its a way to give and share our gifts with each other.

If you'd like to receive a handmade gift from me and promise to make three gifts for three other people, be one of the first three to comment on this post.

Please only sign up if you're sure you can follow through.

It would be so nice to keep this going!!
First Participant
Second Participant
Keilann - "Bloggy Mom Reviews"
Third Participant
All my spots are taken but you can make up your own Pay It Forward. Just follow the directions.

I know you're digging the new background...

I really like the new background.  I have to have something red because its my FAVORITE color.  And I like that its elegant and a little funky.  I will be making a few changes to the look of the blog.  Nothing major to confuse you but just some things to neaten it up a bit. Kind of a jumpstart in honor of my birthday on the 29th.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I said I had a lot to do today -- Lemoncholy's Easter Angel Ornaments...Works in Progress

I changed direction alittle bit but I think they're coming out lovely. I will take better pictures before I put them in the mail tomorrow.

Sometimes he gets on my nerves...

It's Sunday. I have two papers due by midnight tonight and a group project due tomorrow. My aunt and my mother kept me out till 11 p.m. yesterday so I got absolutely nothing done. I finished my first pass at the final draft of the group project at 11 a.m. this morning. Just finished one of my papers for Org Behavior and about to start on the second. I've only had crackers and cheese and a Pepsi all day. I'm tired and cranky.

The man just called to check on me and I told him all my troubles. How the old biddies (my nickname for my aunt and mom) kept me out all day going to B.J.'s, Shop-Rite, the mall, and various other places while I kept saying I have papers to write, I HAVE PAPERS TO WRITE!!!!

Of course being the sweet caring understanding beau that he is...

He proceeded to LECTURE ME about waiting till the last minute to do all my assignments. Then he politely told me to get off the phone and get to work. He would call me later.

Where was the sympathy for my plight?!!!!

Damn, I hate when he's right. Let me get off my blog before he checks and finds out I'm goofing off again. I guess I will tell y'all about the two new bags and new earrings I bought at the mall yesterday, later.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Physical

Well yesterday was day eight of getting fit. I feel my cardio getting stronger but unfortunately my bum knee is not coorperating. The owner of the club suggested I do isometrics to help strengthen my knee so I'll be working with the trainer hopefully next week. No pounds lost but that's okay...I'm moving and that's the important thing. And the body/massage work trainer gave me some points to deal with my knee getting weak. (He has the same problem.) So next week I'm going to stay on my path of building cardio. I actually got on the elliptical yesterday and didn't feel like I was going to die. PROGRESS!!!!!

It's so 80s. I LOVE IT!!! I used to LOVE Olivia Newton John. What?!! Xanadu is still one of my faves! LOL

Oooh I won prizes...and forgot!!!

This new blog hop reminded me I won some great prizes during the One World One Heart go round so here they are:

One of these gorgeous little pincushions from Living In the Light I Find

And this wall hanging from Sandy McTier

Both were promptly stolen by my daughter for her room *sigh* No wonder I forgot.

It's time for...THE 3rd ANNUAL ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY!!!!

I discovered so many new blogs and friends during my last blog hopping foray, I decided to do it again. So...

Now its time for the 3rd Annual Ultimate Blog Party!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Organized by the owners of 5 Minutes for Mom, its a virtual party of bloggers. Blogging life is about relationships — meaningful friendships that grow out of sharing who we are and getting to know one another. And like real life friendships, online friends need a place to meet and mingle.

It has become a tradition in the “momosphere.” It is the perfect event to build your network and have some serious blogging fun, all without stepping away from your machine…

So join me in stopping by and chatting with new friends, March 20 to March 27, 2009. And if its your first time here,


Always great to make new friends.

P.S. I'm also offering a little prize with the blog party. A $25 gift certificate to my store so be sure to check 5 Minutes for Mom for details on how to win!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Work In Progress - Lemoncholy's Easter Swap

I am so late!!! My swap for Lemoncholy is due Monday. I admit I was having some problems coming up with an idea since this is my first mixed media swap. I finally decided I wanted to do an angel ornament. I have a picture of my aunt from her sweet sixteen (1961) that I think is perfect so I added some wings to it and removed the background. Right now this is just a starting point. I'm going to cut out the angels and use my badge-a-minit machine to make a mirror. To make it more like an ornament, I'm going to add a ribbon between the pieces so it can be hung. I hope that works. I will embellish the pictures more before I connect the sections.
What do you think so far? She was so pretty in this picture and she hates it. It is one of my absolute favorite pictures from my grandma's collection.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey, the EtsyNJ Spring Fever Sale ends tomorrow!!!

If you haven't picked up some great stuff, get your booty over to these great shops and make it happen!


First steps to a more golden life

I started back at the gym this week. Being a plus-size femme fatale has never been a problem...I like me. I've always been active, walking every where, taking the stairs vs. escalator/elevator but the past two years I've been literally sitting on my bum and believe me, I felt the lack of activity this week.

Monday, I jumped on the elliptical first...stepping hard for a good few minutes before my knee said, "Danielle, what da hell are you doing?" and I had to get off. LOL I admit I stayed on there as long as I did because there were two ladies behind me on the treadmill and I didn't want to look like a punk. But I reminded myself that I'm there for me and not for other people. It doesn't make sense to hurt myself because I have too much pride (ego). So I got off that elliptical, got some water and continued my workout on the treadmill. Hey, I paid $105 to join this gym. I'm not going to quit cause I got alittle ahead of myself on the elliptical. LOL. And I stayed on the treadmill for the next few days, walking alittle longer, further, and faster each day. So I'm proud of this first step to living my life a little more golden.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

303Grand/Artist and Fleas Market starts today!

On March 12th, 13th, and 14th, 303GRAND will be teaming up with Artists & Fleas, for a fun indoor market complete with workshops! There will be up to 20 vendors each day, along with some amazing workshops for you to take part in! Please come out to support local designers, have some free drinks, do a workshop, and chill out to some tunes by dj VDRK!

I will be vending on Saturday, March 14th 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please check me out!! I wanted to do a cardmaking workshop but they decided not to do workshops on Saturday but I plan on doing some soon!

My fellow NewNew team member Nguyen of KnitKnit will be hosting a fabulous needle felting class tomorrow that you must check out. She's teaching you how to make little birdies like below. Aww how sweet! Details are here.

More details about 303Grand here!

Monday, March 2, 2009

EtsyNJ Spring Fever Sale!

EtsyNJ has Spring Fever and we’re passing on the Savings so you catch the Fever too!

Check out the list of stores below to see who’s participating and be sure to Enter “Spring Fever Sale” in the “Notes to Seller” section at check out in order to receive the Sale.

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Getting ready for show season 2009

Time to do alittle shopping to prepare for the new fair/show season. I've been needing to revamp my setup so I purchased a display rack.