Thursday, June 21, 2007

I shopped Renegade and it was almost the death of me!

Well despite the fact that the doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis Friday, I still carried my ass to Renegade in Brooklyn on Saturday and promptly made myself sick from walking, the crowds, and the heat. I am hard-headed. I did get some shopping in before I had to go home.

For my daughter:

Kitty Kat Tee by Sherrif Peanut Designs
Butterfly Notecards by Stereoette
Butterfly Pin by The Candy Thief
Baby Doll by Lindie and Friends

I had to get the doll for my daughter because she wears puffs sometimes. She promptly named it Danielle after me...uh before you get all teary eyed and say "Aww how sweet!" She named her Baby Alive she got for Christmas after me too until a month later she said she found a better name...Evelyn...which is her own name. lol

And if you get the chance, definitely check out The Candy Thief on Etsy. She has this necklace/scarf piece that is divine!!

For Mom:
Magnets made from old records. She collects magnets and one them was from her favorite movie: Dirty Dancing

Record Magnets by Little Evelyn

There's that Evelyn again! I have to say I was amazed by the sheer volume of her inventory and I think her mom helped me. What a sweetie!

For Me:
I inherited my grandma's old sewing machine so I guess I should learn how to use it. I'm a good hand stitcher. This is a pincushion you wear on your wrist.

Pincushion by My Imaginary Boyfriend

These earrings are made of wood. I love the natural and organic style of them. Made by a sista in Brooklyn.

Earrings by Tam Aura

Because I love glass and ceramics:

Earrings by Tasha McKelvey (also a member of Richmond Craft Mafia)
Have gotten quite a few compliments on them already.

Glass dish by Little Flower Designs
I keep my business cards on it on my desk. How pretty!

Other places I stopped but didn't shop but YOU should

Shevon Gant Ceramics - Beautiful, beautiful ceramics. I bought a necklace from her last Renegade that I wear a couple of times a week. Her sister is a glass artist you should check out too. Christine Gant - Everlasting Glass Art. Wow! the image on the homepage says it all.

Biggs and Featherbelle - Great smell good soap!

My Favorite Mirror - packed everytime I walked by but that's okay...We'll be getting some of their goods in stock soon!!!