Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Remember thy iron levels...keep them holy.

As I sit here stuck home with bronchitis and sinusitis, I ponder how I got here yet again. Could it be that at 34, my respiratory system is breaking down? My allergies have been the worst this year. I had bronchitis last month. And it seems every time I catch my daughter's two day cold in turns into a month long illness for me.

Aw the answer lies in those little iron levels...

Yes I'm anemic. Have been for the past fourteen years. Iron-deficient. Was even B-12 deficient for a short while a few years back. It seems like such a minor thing. So I'm alittle sleepy and sluggish at times I tell myself. But it really is a major thing.

Since I hate taking iron pills(They're murder on the stomach.) I've made myself more suspectible to bronchitis and sinusitis. And guess where all those migraines are coming from too. So I guess I learned my lesson.

So now I'm sucking down TWO iron pills a day, plus allergy meds, plus an antibiotic, plus...well lets not go all into my daily prescription load. lol

But at least I get a week off from work...