Friday, October 12, 2007

Dance For Me

Last Saturday went to this with some friends at City Center. Great seats, second row. They have this festival every year and the tickets are only $10.

Srishti- Nina Rajarani Dance Creations
"Quick!" Choreographer: Nina Rajarani

Great piece of India choreography done quickly with live orchestration and singing.

Camille A. Brown and Dancers
"The Evolution of a Secured Feminine" Choreographer: Camille Brown

Solo piece set to jazz music...dancer has great lines.

Elisa Monte Dance
"Treading" Choreographer: Elisa Monte

Wow...just two dancers but very fluid like an underwater ballet. You can see part of the piece "Treading" here. Fast forward to about minute 5:30.

Boston Ballet
"Brake the Eyes" Choreographer: Jorma Elo

Kind of weird, hard to get into.

Via Katlehong
"Nkululeko" Choreography by Via Katlehong dancers

Combination of tap dance and African stepping, very energetic.

Afterwards we went to the Iguana for a late night supper.

My friend wants to see Alvin Ailey next so we'll see.