Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wow! Indiepublic for sale!

Posted on Indiepublic March 20, 2008

A message to all members of Indiepublic

Dear Indiepublic Members,

Due to a number of personal issues that have arisen the past few months I have been unable to dedicate the time necessary to maintaining Indiepublic. Despite this, the site continues to pull in an average of $1200/month income, with less than $45/month in operating expenses.

I sincerely believe that Indiepublic is only in its early stages, and has tremendous opportunity to grow both in terms of membership and services offered. I also believe that the site and its population of over 6,000 members deserves to have a more active leadership.

I am therefore placing Indiepublic up for sale for the price of $18,500. If you are interested in purchasing this site, please email me directly at FORSALE@INDIEPUBLIC.COM, and I will send you a Buyer's Guide that includes:

1) Proof of income
2) Basic information on the running and maintenance of the site
3) Additional information regarding the site's traffic
4) Ideas on additional income sources

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. I will not be accepting any offers on the site for less than $18,500. FYI, the sale will be transacted via (a trusted online intermediary). If you are unable to afford this amount (it must be paid in full), or wish to place a lower counteroffer, please do not contact me as I can not sell Indiepublic for any lower than this price.

TO ADVERTISERS: If you currently have an ad in place with Indiepublic, your ad will continue to run for its entire paid duration even if the site is sold. For your protection, I will stipulate that the buyer must honor all existing ads at the time of sale and can not remove them for any reason.

TO MY MEMBERS: I have sincerely enjoyed every moment running Indiepublic. I have met some incredibly talented individuals and made many friends, so it was very difficult for me to come to the decision to sell the site. I will therefore not sell Indiepublic to just anyone. The new owner must have a clear and sincere interest in supporting the efforts of independent artists and designers, and I will work with them to ensure that this will be a smooth transition.

Thank you all for your time, and for being a part of Indiepublic!


Hopefully the right people will take over this great site. Best of luck to Sion!