Thursday, July 10, 2008

School Daze

Well after some deliberation, I decided to apply to grad school last week. Mind you, I've been out of school for eleven years and I haven't taken nary a GRE, GMAT, or a Millers. I just figured if I started the process I would be motivated to take the exam.

I've been dragging my feet partly because at 35, I'm not sure what comes next. I have a degree in music which despite the fact I never used, I don't regret having it. I have always had a love affair with music but have been shy about my talent. As a honor student in grammar and high school it was expected I would study math, science, or business. But I decided to take a path that would challenge me, so I boiled down my choices to English, Art, and Music.

Well English...though I'm an excellent writer I found it boring. (Sorry to my English degree holding beau). At 17, I couldn't possibly see myself becoming a copywriter, editor, or "gasp" a teacher. All great career choices but not very flashy to a 17 year old. Art---I've always been a dabbler. Never took a course beyond the basic art in grammar school and when I looked at a friend's portfolio in high school --- I was intimidated. While he thought I had a lot of raw talent, I had no technique and frankly I didn't want to play catch up. So that left music...which despite looking at other majors was my first love anyway.

Few people outside of close family knew I could sing. My mother didn't even know how well I could sing until I got a solo in sixth grade. And my dad...well he didn't know until I sang at my brother's wedding 10 years ago. LOL. I had no training besides singing in school choir here and there but I felt in my heart that I had a gift so I applied and auditioned and got in on probation. And within a semester learned how to sight read music and play some piano and sing opera in four languages. I had to work hard for that degree because I was behind technique wise from my fellow music students.

Now I'm faced with the same decision...what do I study? I'm self taught in web/graphic design and database design but with my experience do I go for my MBA or MIS? Do I go back for that second BA in graphic design? Ugh!!

I couldn't make heads or tails so I decided to apply to the Savannah College of Art and Design as a second BA graphic design major. And I also applied to Depaul University and New Jersey Institute of Technology Master of Information Systems Program.

Still debating on whether or not I should apply to Kean University's Graphic Design Master's Program

Well we can only wait and see what happens.