Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inheriting the Blue Buggy

Well technically its a van.

Originally my grandpa bought the van in 1997.  When he passed in 2000, my aunt took over driving it.  Over the years, the Blue Buggy has made many family trips between NJ and NY and beyond.  And over the past four years since I started my business, my aunt has served as my personal driver for craft shows and runs to the art supply store.

I shouldn't have been surprised that she offered me the van when she bought a new car last week, but I was and incredibly humbled by how special my family is.  Although there were others who asked about the van, she felt that I needed it most between my daughter, work, school, and my business.

Though I've had a license for over 10 years, there has always been some reason or another why I haven't been able to buy a car.  I got my license at 24.  Not because I was uninterested or scared but because I never had time to practice.  I took all the required classes in high school, written test, simulator, behind the wheel, but with the demands of college, I never got around to taking my road test.

After college, I made up my mind to get a car, signed up for lessons, passed the road test my first time around and started saving money for a brand new car.  Then I moved out on my own...savings gone. **sigh**  Saved the money a job in NYC...who was driving into NYC and paying tolls and parking.  **sigh** Had my daughter...lost my job...savings gone again.  And once I got back on my feet, though I had savings and the need for a car...I found that a car payment AND insurance wasn't in the cards. **sigh**  So I figured I'd have to wait a little longer for my own car.

And then this happened...

I inherited the Blue Buggy.  Yes she's a bit old and this first week of driving has been filled with drama...almost ran out of gas Monday...had a slight fender bender Tuesday...need transmission fluid so its been parked since Tuesday...and I got a parking ticket today because it was parked. **sigh** But its okay.

I see this gift opening a lot of possibilities for myself, my daughter, my business, and my education.  And I can't wait to get on the road to start the journey. And I thank my Auntie so much for giving me something that's so much bigger than the Blue Buggy. Thanks Laraine, enjoy your new truck!!!