Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm back!!!!

Hi everyone!

I needed to take a much much much needed break from blogging and selling for a few months.  Needed to fresh the brain and the creative juices.  We all need to pull the plug and reboot at times.  During the last few months of 2009, I felt I had drifted away from the core of what my business and craft was supposed to be so I needed to wipe the slate and begin again.

Are you ready to join me for the ride again?  I hope so.

What's on the agenda?  Well today marks the 4th Anniversary of Collective Elements.  Four years ago, I opened my shop as a consignment shop featuring a variety of artists and crafts.  In 2008, I decided to make the switch to just carrying my own products.  While the past two years have been dedicated to paper love, the future brings the addition of a variety of new products.

Did you know I dabble in jewelry making and fiber arts?  How about sculpting and photography?  It's all coming and soon.

To make this anniversay month a great one, I'll be sharing some things with you.

First, I have a new online can find it at  You can still shop at Etsy but I will be offering most of my newer products at my main shop.

Second, I'm participating in the annual Thing-A-Day.  I figure its a great way to keep me motivated and introduce you to new products hitting the shop.

Third, of course I'm doing One World, One Heart again this year.  I'm thinking of the perfect item to offer you and details on that will follow shortly.  That will run until February 15, 2010.

And of course, I always welcome feedback from you.  Let's make 2010 a great year and thanks so much for reading.