Sunday, April 22, 2007

Seychelles, Peep-toe, and on Sale!!!

Picked up these shoes from Urban Outfitters.

Me love peep toes! Second only to Mary Janes. Uh I have issues about Mary Janes.

When I was born my legs were alittle twisted...I believe we call it pidgeon toed or bow-legged. I belive I had a mixture of both. So I had to wear this contraption to straighten my legs. (I was born in 1973.)

So all my young life, my mother made me wear special shoes. No cute Mary Jane shoes for me...just Buster Browns, Bass Shoes, and the dreaded Naturalizer.

So once I got old enough to buy my own shoes, I bought all kinds of mary jane, t-strap, girly girl shoes I could find. Patent leather?! Dear God! A must have, lol!