Monday, April 14, 2008

Indiepublic Has a New Owner!

You may remember me posting a little while back about Indiepublic being for sale. Well it has a new owner! Read below:
Dear Indiepublic Members,

As many of you are aware, I have been searching for a new owner for Indiepublic.  I am happy to announce that the search is over, and it is with great excitement that I introduce Casie Metcalf. She has not only proven to be capable both technically and creatively, but perhaps what is most important is her dedication to the indie spirit.

With an interest in vintage and the graphic arts, Casie is native of Maine and the mother of a darling 2 1/2 son. She brings to Indiepublic 10 years of experience in the newspaper industry, with an emphasis on marketing. Casie's skills are therefore perfectly suited to providing additional promotional and advertising opportunities for Indiepublic's members.

To my dear friends at Indiepublic: It has been a pleasure meeting and getting to know many of you, and I wanted to thank all of you for the opportunity to serve you! Although it is with great regret that I leave Indiepublic, I am also equally optimistic about what the future holds.

I am fully confident that Casie is the right fit for Indiepublic, and hope that you will extend to her the same warmth and friendliness that have made Indiepublic such a uniquely wonderful and vibrant community. I hope you will join me in welcoming Casie to our community! =)

Bidding you all a fond farewell,