Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A shop without a home..

It seems like only yesterday I blogged about joining the Lollishops...wait a minute I think it was yesterday. Well I love the aesthetic but its not going to work out.

I literally have too much inventory to use it!!

One of the main reasons, I don't update my Etsy shop alot is because of the time it takes to list one item. I have hundreds of cards plus other items and uploading them is a full-time job in addition to the ones I have. I really need a cart with a bulk lister. (You listening Etsy and other shops like it) That's the main thing I liked about ProStores before the prices skyrocketed. Lollishops is a lot quicker because there's only one page to fill out but its still time consuming.

Its so much easier for me to keep a spreadsheet with all my inventory and update on a regular basis. Taking pictures can be done in one day with good light but a spreadsheet I can update as I go along and set an upload day during the week.

I may have an alternative for now keep looking for me on Etsy.