Friday, April 17, 2009

Danielle or Dani?

My friend Micki of the fabulous blog, Martha is My Homegirl, called me yesterday to catch up.  During the conversation she called me Dani and then caught herself and said Danielle.
"That's right you don't like Dani. Sorry girl."
If you've ever read my blog or Facebook or MySpace or any number of places I post, you know I have a thing about being called Dani.  What's my thing?  I hate being called Dani or Dan or some version of Nellie or Yellie (Yes someone tried to call me that in high school), lol.  Most guys I know shorten it to Dee at some point, too. 
I'm Danielle.  My mama doesn't call me by nickname and my dad's nickname for me will remain a closely kept secret due to the sheer embrassment of what it is.  I do however realize that people can't help but resort to nicknames because for them its an endearment.  So if you've called me Dani and I haven't taken your head off, its because I know its done with affection and love. 
So Mick, you can call me Dani. 
And my mom's friend, Judy, you can call me Dani too.
And my boy EJ, you can call me Dani. 
And a few select other people can call me Dani without me flipping out.
It's all love.