Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Want Muscles all over...

Alright, well this is week six of the fitness regime. This month I added weights to the treadmill. So I'm doing pecs and abs. This morning my friend asked why would I do pecs since I'm female. I said so my breasts could sit up. (I wear a 46H in bras)

He said "Danielle, they already sit up!" My response, "Well after my belly gets smaller they won't have anywhere to sit anymore." LOL. "They gotta stand on their own!!"

So I've been concentrating on getting my muscles in order. Last week I was fine...no pain...but today...oooh wee!!! But hey its all worth it in the long run.

Have I lost gobs of weight...no.

But I said from the beginning that this is not a temporary thing to lose weight. This is a lifestyle change. I've lost about 5 pounds but I can see my hips are slimmer and I have more energy. And though I didn't make my weight loss goal, I did make my goal of staying consistent and that is a bigger achievement to me.

So for further inspiration, I'm going to let Diana sing it...