Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back at work...bah humbug!

Yes, I returned to work yesterday. I'm still a little shaky and this Singulair gives me the worse case of metal mouth. Blah!!! But I killed all my vacation time being home last week. And believe me, I was sick. I didn't do much more than wander around my apartment like a lost wraith. Luckily school is done for the semester but now its time to get ready for June shows.

I know people have a love/hate relationship with VistaPrint. I myself complain about the quality. It's become very hit or miss but I needed some biz cards stat! I looked through their templates and found one which I thought reflected the feel of my shop and ordered some postcards too. And they were free!!!

I'm working on a few new things because June is looking pretty busy. I'm constantly trying to think of ways to use paper. There's alot of trial and error involved. Sometimes something is so right on the first try and I can't duplicate it. (Pinwheels, sigh!!!) I really need to invest in some proper tools. (Adhesive is a biggie.) Especially for new projects --- pinwheels, origami, paperweights, paper jewelry....yes I said paper jewelry.

I've experimented with paper earrings in the past and I'd like to add some things to the shop so keep your eyes peeled.