Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Japanese Shirt a.k.a. I got into what?

A couple of years ago, I did this home party for my business. I wanted to look fashionable but classic. I agonized over what to wear. I finally found alittle kimono styled top and a pair of black jeans from Rainbow Shops. Now mind you, I hadn't shopped in Rainbow since college days but I was stuck. My fashion designer daughter in training instructed me to wear dangling earrings and the outfit (and the party) were a smash.

I wore the little combo alot and was dismayed when I couldnt get it on anymore. Of course like most people in denial about weight gain, I thought "This shirt must have shrunk. It was only $16 from Rainbow." Subconciously, I think I knew the truth because I hung the shirt in my closet and kept pulling it out and trying it on saying the same thing. "I can't believe it shrank so much!!"

Well today, I did my little number. I was running late and I needed a top so I pulled it out. "Oh why am I pulling it out? I know it doesn't fit me because I gained weight." Yes I admitted the truth but something said put it on anyway.

And IT FITS!!!!

Granted its a little snug but its wearable. I couldn't even get it past my bosom before.

Silently I've been bitching about the fact the scale won't move after almost three months of four day a week workouts but I knew I was toning and this little Japanese shirt was proof.

LOL, of course the kid asked where were the dangling earrings?