Monday, July 27, 2009

Resting and Regrouping

If you came out to see me today at Brooklyn's Eco-Art Fair, you probably couldn't find me.  I was whipped and took a pass at vending at today's show.  I'm ending my summer selling season a bit early to focus on the kid, rest before classes start, and regroup the business.  I will be back selling in person beginning late September.

For now, I have a bit brewing.

First up, I'm planning a tea party for the little girl. My daughter is for the most part a real angel.  She has a fresh mouth moments but she's a good kid.  Her birthday falls in February and its really hard to plan a party at home during the winter months so I decided to throw her an end of the summer tea party.  More details on that in another post.

Second, you may have noticed some changed back and forth with the design of the site.  I've been wanting to redesign the look of the site, blog, and *new* store.  Yes, I'm going back to having my own online shop off Etsy.  Etsy is a wonderful tool but I think having a separate focused shop is essential to good business.  My Etsy shop will still carry my overflow.  Also you may also notice some non-paper products popping up.  These are all changes being made for the fall. More details on that to follow.

And finally fall brings back the return of school for not just my daughter who's entering second grade but also for me.  Second year grad still sounds weird to me.  That first year went by quick.  This semester Java Programming and Enterprise Database Design.  I signed up for two other classes but I won't be taking those.  The database class I feel confident about.  I'm a db admin now but that Java class... *sigh*  I find programming soooo boring.  I have to put myself on study schedule to make that happen. 

So sorry for the delay in my catch up.  My pc got a nasty bug a few weeks ago and is currently dead.  I have only been able to ping.  Don't want to tempt fate by posting during the day.  My Blackberry is also acting funky so hopefully my new phone and XP disks will arrive this week so I can be back to work.

If you have contacted me about custom work, I will be available hopefully during August.