Sunday, January 20, 2008

Danielle Who? Age 32

Danielle Who? Age 32, originally uploaded by collectiveelements.

I created this layout in 2005 after I found this quiz online and thought it would be perfect for an about me page.

Uses: Living Simply Kit by Scrap Kitchen
Fonts: Ruling and Perpetua

Here are the questions and answers:
10 Random Things About Me
Favorite color:red Favorite flower: Gerbera Daisy Favorite movie: Trading Places Favorite book: Charlotte’s Web
Hobbies: Singing, reading, writing, and design I crochet and papercraft I don’t drink or smoke I volunteer with kids I
am a shameless flirt I’m incredibly fresh-mouthed and sarcastic

9 Places I Have Been in no particular order
New York, NY Virginia Beach, VA Washington D.C Hyannis Port, MA Philadelphia, PA Jacksonville, FL
Boston, MA Fayetteville, NC Delaware

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
Find true love Get married Own my own home Watch my daughter become a woman Watch my nephews
become men Record an independent R&B record Work for myself full-time Become a mentor

7 Ways To Win My Heart
Be honest Be tender Be thoughtful Be ambitious Be passionate Be kind Be respectful.

6 Things I Believe In
A higher power Karma(What goes around comes around) My mom My family Love Myself

5 Things I Am Afraid Of
The dark Spiders Fire Being lost Losing control

4 Of my favorite recipes
My Carrot cake Grandma’s Corn Pudding Mom’s Lemon chicken Auntie’s Sweet Potato Pie

3 Things I Do Everyday
Tell my daughter "I love you" Count my blessings Talk to my mom

2 Things I Am Trying Not To Do Right Now
Drink soda Be catty

1 Person I Want To Meet
Billie musical idol

October 2005