Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lady Giggles

Lady Giggles, originally uploaded by collectiveelements.

My daughter is the subject of many of my photographs. I like this photo because she's being girly as usual by wearing my hat. She's usually so serious about fashion but I caught her in a moment of laughter.

This page was created in Adobe Photoshop CS. I created the background using a burgundy (#411F2D) base color and created the polka dots with the elliptical marquee tool using the following colors (#8E234F, #BB4180, #DA84A0). I made one row of polka dots and then used the define pattern option to copy and paste the polka dot pattern.

The title was made using Kunstler Script which I applied a 7 px stroke border of #DA84A0. The journaling is made with Perpetua font in #411F2D.

April 2005