Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evie's a star reader!!!

This weekend the kid's new teacher called and my first thought was...oh God who did she punch this year? (long story)  But actually she called to introduce herself and tell me that I'm doing a great job with Evie's reading because she scored the HIGHEST on the 2nd grade reading assessment test.
I'm a book lover and the daughter of book lovers so I was hoping the love passed on to the next generation. (I recall her father was a avid reader when we were dating too.)  She was very proud to find out she was reading so well. Evie's a bright girl but a little shy.  She was talking and reading early but she gets shy when people ask her questions so she will pretend she doesn't know the answers.  **sigh**
I'm trying to give her room to find her gifts and its hard because I was on honor roll all throughout school and I'm trying not to push her to fit into my mold.  But I want her to do well because I KNOW she can do well. 
I'm hoping this will give my daughter the confidence she needs to try harder in school and we'll see that honor roll more consistently. (She always misses by one subject.)
Or maybe she'll get honor roll because I promised her I would finally buy that Nintendo DS she's been begging for the past two years. **sigh** 
I know bribes are wrong but how do you think I got her to be consistent with potty training when she was little...
....I told her ballerinas don't wear Pull-Ups so she couldn't take ballet unless she stopped wearing them. 
She stopped wearing them the next day. 
So who was slicker...obviously she knew how to go to the bathroom properly if she gave them up that easily. Humph!!!