Sunday, September 6, 2009

Funny faux pas of the weekend

On the way home from my aunt's house, I was talking about shows on television that I watch because of the hotness of one of the actors...for example, Criminal Minds. Shemar Moore can't act his way out of a paper bag but he's hot to look at and I love the banter between his character and voluptuous computer geek, Garcia.

Anyway, I mentioned that I watch Leverage for Timothy Hutton (still yummy) and still have a big thing for Kurt Russell (major yummy) and how certain actors aren't aging as well for example, Dennis Quaid, Brendan Fraser, etc., etc., etc...

Well anyway I mention that Jeff Bridges hasn't looked good in years and Beau Bridges always looked like someone's old daddy. When my cousin pipes up "Yeah, they don't really look like their father, Todd, right?"

The conversation continues until he says it again. "Yeah, its Jeff, Todd, and Beau."

At this point my brain goes "Todd Bridges?"

"Uh Darrell, Todd Bridges is the black guy from Different Strokes."

There's a moment of silence and then everyone in the car starts cracking up. Todd Bridges!!!


We were laughing so hard we were crying.

What?! We're a crazy family.

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