Friday, June 12, 2009

Etsy Greetings Craft Space Makeover

Inspired by the craft space makeover of Shannen of Happy Elephant (, several of us in the Etsy Greetings team decided to redo our own craft spaces.

Joining me are:

Genelle, of Scrapbook Completed. You can see her before shots on her own blog:

Shannon of April Ink posted a photo of her "Monica Room":

Karen of Lavender Greetings, actually started a blog so that she could
join in with us:

Molly of Molly Lee Cards:

Elana of Squeeze Card Co:

I sincerely need a redo. Before my daughter was born, I used her room as my office. Now I'm spread out in the corners of the living room and it ain't pretty. Gulp! Here's my before pictures:

My craft book library. This doesn't include my craft magazines. Those are stored in various spots throughout my apartment.

Miscellaneous craft corner by the bookcase. I have craft magazines and crochet patterns in the taupe basket. Inventory in the other tubs.

Little free spot by the TV with some misc craft supplies.

My office/work space. I keep business cards on a posterboard over the desk. Small embellishments and tools in the drawers. Paintbrushes and foam brushes up top. The green boxes are 12 x12 scrapbooking paper in the shelves. Up top more craft magazines.

Cigar boxes hold markers and gel pens

The cigar boxes are stored in another bookcase along with IKEA baskets of supplies: paper bags, stickers, embroidery floss, etc.

The SECOND craft table. The suitcases hold my sticker collection. The grey tub holds more scrapbooking paper.

The plastic drawers hold everything from glue to paint, fabric, stamps, ink, transparencies, and the list goes on and on. The Crayola Cutter is actually my daughter's but I might find some use for it. Lol

I think I have some good starting pieces. I like the cigar boxes and the IKEA baskets but I'd really like to buy a supply cabinet so I can close things up. Since I dabble in an assortment of crafts besides paper, I really need to clean things up. I often rebuy things because I can't find something and what you see here is not all of my supplies. I have things in my bedroom too because I can't work at my desk.
**sigh** See why I needed more than four weeks Molly!

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