Friday, June 5, 2009

No I don't want to watch your new money making video...grrrrr

I have nothing against using social networks to promote your business.  I do it and while it doesnt necessarily translate into sales, I do get more interest in my work.  And even better I make new friends.
But what I do have a problem with is SPAM.  No you're not emailing me directly to tell me about your latest pyramid scheme but I really don't want to open my Facebook mail and find a link to your latest "Money Making Video".  I don't want to see that on Twitter, or MySpace, or any of my memberships on  Another pet peeve, stop tagging me in videos I'm not in.  This is a new trend I'm seeing on Facebook.  If you want me to watch your video, send me a link.  Oh that's right I'm not interested in your emails either. **sigh**  I guess you need a new marketing strategy.
Just an aside, if you have a legitimate business (not a scheme) you want me to check out, email me, tweet me, etc.  I have no problem with supporting fellow artists and business folk.  I often blog about shops I like and don't mind blogging about you if I like your stuff.  We can do a link exchange...we both win.