Monday, June 22, 2009

Fell off the wagon? Clutch the pearls!!!

Okay I admit it...

I've been slacking. Last month's bronchitis really laid me low and I admit my average workout has been once a week for the past three. I gained five of the fifteen back. Nah I can't have that. lol So today I hit the gym and tonight I think I will take a stroll around the neighborhood with the little girl. She just came home yesterday after being gone alittle over a week. I didn't share the drama?

Well two Thursdays ago, the kid had a fever at school and the nurse called with a request for her to be picked up. Now my mom was picking her up early anyway to take her on a trip to the Poconos for the weekend so I figured we were covered. Right?


The next day, the school nurse calls me to tell me due to the swine flu scare my daughter could not return to school for seven days. It was the last week of school. It didn't make sense to send her to school for the last day so when she came back from the Poconos she had a mini vacation at my aunt's in Brooklyn.

As much as I love having time to myself, I miss the little mama. So a nice strut around the neighborhood could be a nice healthy option and a chance to re-bond with the kid.

80's soundtrack please!

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