Monday, March 16, 2009

Work In Progress - Lemoncholy's Easter Swap

I am so late!!! My swap for Lemoncholy is due Monday. I admit I was having some problems coming up with an idea since this is my first mixed media swap. I finally decided I wanted to do an angel ornament. I have a picture of my aunt from her sweet sixteen (1961) that I think is perfect so I added some wings to it and removed the background. Right now this is just a starting point. I'm going to cut out the angels and use my badge-a-minit machine to make a mirror. To make it more like an ornament, I'm going to add a ribbon between the pieces so it can be hung. I hope that works. I will embellish the pictures more before I connect the sections.
What do you think so far? She was so pretty in this picture and she hates it. It is one of my absolute favorite pictures from my grandma's collection.