Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sometimes he gets on my nerves...

It's Sunday. I have two papers due by midnight tonight and a group project due tomorrow. My aunt and my mother kept me out till 11 p.m. yesterday so I got absolutely nothing done. I finished my first pass at the final draft of the group project at 11 a.m. this morning. Just finished one of my papers for Org Behavior and about to start on the second. I've only had crackers and cheese and a Pepsi all day. I'm tired and cranky.

The man just called to check on me and I told him all my troubles. How the old biddies (my nickname for my aunt and mom) kept me out all day going to B.J.'s, Shop-Rite, the mall, and various other places while I kept saying I have papers to write, I HAVE PAPERS TO WRITE!!!!

Of course being the sweet caring understanding beau that he is...

He proceeded to LECTURE ME about waiting till the last minute to do all my assignments. Then he politely told me to get off the phone and get to work. He would call me later.

Where was the sympathy for my plight?!!!!

Damn, I hate when he's right. Let me get off my blog before he checks and finds out I'm goofing off again. I guess I will tell y'all about the two new bags and new earrings I bought at the mall yesterday, later.